Chunky Glitter

All glitter in the collection is cut at 1/24 size, ranging from: Simple, Iridescent, Holographic glitter, or color-changing glitter.

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Garden Blends

All blends are mixed with various colors and/or shapes. Garden Blends provide the perfect accent for all of your crafting activities.

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Hello Spring Collection

This Amazing Collection is launching on 3/19/2021 at 8AM CST.

Each pastel color is a mix of fine and ultra fine glitter. 

A BEAUTIFUL set to add to your collection!

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Northern Lights Collection

Introducing our Glow Powders!

Long-Lasting and Ultra-Bright Glow Powders to give your projects that extra special touch!

Each of our glow powders are named after places around the world where the aurora lights are seen!! 

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Seasonal Glitter

Items in the collection are all things seasonal related! Some items will not be restocked until the next year's selection.

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Shape Glitter

Shape glitter gives all projects the little flair it needs! No need to buy a huge jar, we carry our shape glitter with the perfect amount to use for many projects! 

Each shape glitter is prepared in a 1/2 oz jar and measured with love at .10 oz by weight. 

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Ultra Fine Glitter

All glitter in this collection is 1/128 of a cut ranging from: simple, iridescent, and holographic glitter.

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Zodiac Collection

This collection was inspired by the stars thus blossoming into horoscopes!

This line of Garden Blends has many shapes: hexagons, diamonds, five-point stars, crescent moons, and tinsel-all accented by a zodiac's color.

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