About Us


About Us:

Aaron and I have always shared the same passion of opening our own business and living the life of an entrepreneurial team. Our growing business is flourishing, thanks to you!! Aaron, was recently able to quit his full-time job that has taken care of our family of 5 and jump feet first into a pool of glitter, without looking back! We are currently living in Fort Worth, Texas! This business gave us the freedom and financial stability to move our little family from California! We have three amazing children, ages 6,5, and 2! We love what we do and wouldn't change anything about this thing called life! Welcome, And Thank you For Getting To Know Us!

Our Background: 

Shawndra: I have always had a passion for art and creating. Anywhere from sketching cartoons, painting abstract art, and creating glitter tumblers! During the process of creating custom tumblers, and perfecting that craft, I grew to learn that I had an eye for glitter and began seeking out the best of the best. Let's not forget to mention the obsession that developed! Fast-forward to now...I specialize in creative inginuity by breaking the mold of today's crafting industry and inspiring other creative minds to chase their dreams and to find their "why".

Aaron: My goal has always been to be a business owner. I have obtained my degree in Business Administration and have a long history of maintaining many leadership roles throughout my life. I am experienced in many roles of business from trainer, shift lead, supervisor, and manager. Crunching numbers, accessing, and analyzing the interworking of business and its success is my speciality.

Our Passion And Goal: To bring inspiration, motivation, and push others to their highest potential to help them in achieving their own dreams and aspirations! And to of course provide the most beautiful and unique glitter blends on the market!

What We Offer: Top grade, cosmetic grade/safe, full-coverage, high-shine, professional polyester glitter.

Who Are Our Customers? Pro crafters, makeup artists, resin artists, small business owners and entrepreneurs, and many more!

Thank you so much for stopping by our website and taking the time to get to know us! We welcome you to the WGC tribe!




Mission Statement:

Wildflower Glitter Co. was inspired by mother nature and crafted by a dreamer’s imagination. To bring inspiration, originality, and empowerment to all dreamers by providing simplicity to the world of arts.


Vision Statement:

Wildflower Glitter Co. will push the limits to provide fellow dreamers the access to essential materials thus allowing imaginations to flow effortlessly, all the while fueling motivation and education to all aspiring creators.