What Is The Fluff Factor?



As You Can See In This Photo That Not One Bottle Of Glitter Is Filled To The Same Portion Size, And There Is Even One Jar That Is Bigger! Glitter Comes In All Different Types, Shapes, And Blends.
That Means All Glitter Weighs Different! Each Jar In This Photo Is Measured At 2 Ounces By Weight! That's Right! Each Color In This Photo Has The Same Amount Of Product Per Jar! 😱

We Package Our Glitter In Larger Volume Size Containers (4 Fl. Ounces) To Ensure That You Receive The Exact Same Portion Of All Our Glitters Regardless Of The "FLUFF FACTOR"!

This Is A Term That Wildflower Glitter Co. LLC  Invented To Best Explain Our Measuring Process.

(Really, we should make shirts because it's fun to say! 😄)

So, Not All Of Our Glitter Will Arrive To You Full To The Brim Because We Do Not Measure By The Volume Of The Container, But The Weight Of The Glitter! 
(Spoiler! You Ended Up Getting More Glitter This Way! Especially If The Glitter Has A High "Fluff Factor"!)