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Wildflower Glitter Co. LLC

Custom Glitter Blend 3oz

Custom Glitter Blend 3oz

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Glitter Bar just got BIGGER and BETTER! We specialize in custom mixed glitter with our patented method of beautifully custom mixed creations created live just for you! Now, you can now choose up to SIX (6) colors for your recipe AND you will get equal parts of all colors! Add that up, and you'll get 3oz by weight of custom glitter!! 

We specialize in custom mixed glitter! Create your own custom recipe of sparkles and imagination! We carry 100+ glitter options on our patent approved Glitter Bar for you to choose from. 

Not sure what to choose? Don't hesitate with our "Bartender's Choice" option to let your glitter bartender choose the perfect glitter combo for you! 

Glitter comes sealed in a 4oz jar and made with lots of care and love. Each mix comes with a recipe sticker with your own recipe on for easy re-order! Each portion is measured equally totaling to 2oz by weight. 

The method of our unique custom mix glitter bar is a patented. If you are interested in licensing to utilize our method, please reach out to us via email.


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