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Rhinestone is a show-stopping silver holographic glitter. It is a brilliant shine of rainbows-and slightly different from our beloved Dusty Miller. Rhinestone has more of a blueish tint to it. This will forever be one of my absolute favorite glitters! 
  • Size - Fine or Garden Blend
  • Type - Holographic
  • Material - Polyester

Glitter is bottled and sealed in a 4 ounce jar. Measured with love at 2 ounces by weight. Need more sparkles? Rhinestone Blend is also offered in a larger 4oz by weight size packed in an 8oz jar. 

*Please Note: Because products are measured by weight, not all glitters will be filled to the top because of this reason. 

*Slight variations may occur in color samples due to a wide variety of monitor and browser differences.

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